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| by Luci

Post #52: Some People Need Brakes

I’ve been away for a while and I hope you guys will forgive me for it. The good news is I have a lot to share with you. It won’t probably fit just in one post, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted about my “oh so crazy” life. What have I been up to lately?

Let me start by saying that, being in a relationship is certainly not as easy as I thought and neither is getting into a new one, I’m speaking about Dina here. There’s so much pressure from everyone around you and it’s always the expectations we set that tend to ruin things for us, but guess what, we can’t not have these expectations either, they’re really important.

Amr has been talking about getting away for a weekend, where I would finally meet his friends, and I had no idea what to tell my mum. My dad wouldn’t cause such a big fuss about it I was sure, but mum loves to double on the drama. She has been really curious lately on what I’ve been up to. She started noticing that I stepped out of my unhappy zone and I’m going out more often, which could only mean one thing for her, I’m dating someone. I have to admit, she was certainly right. Things with Amr were moving in a very interesting direction and I was happy with him. He’s a very kind-hearted man and who doesn’t love that? I think after I had my share of bumpy relationships, I’ve come to realize that a man with a wonderful heart is just as wonderful. He’s also very generous, loves to pamper me, we have serious talks, but at the same time go crazy and have fun too. So far, I’m liking what I’m discovering every day about him.

Amr: Did you tell you parents yet you’ll be going to Sokhna this weekend?

Me: To be honest, not yet.

Amr: Are you going to?

Me: Of course I am, I’m just waiting for the right moment.

Amr: Which will be?

Me: That’s not what I meant, but I’ll have to tell my mum I’m going with you and your friends and she’ll start giving me some weird comments. I know her well.

Amr: Then get some of your friends too. How about Dina? Didn’t you mention she’s ready to start dating?

Me: Oh yes, she is.

Amr: Great, then she’ll have a wide pool of men to pick from.

I called up Dina to let her know that she has no other option than joining us next week to Sokhna and she was up for it. Next up was speaking to my mother. I was worried how this would go. She’s not close-minded in any way, as a matter of fact she’s cooler than most mothers out there. The problem however, was that she knew nothing about Amr, other than him being my boss. But, she knew Billy and that’s why things were much easier for me when we were together back then.

The moment I made it back home, I searched for her to let her know how I’ll be spending my weekend.

Mum: Oh, so who are you going with other than Dina?

I gave her a few names and highlighted Amr.

Mum: Your boss Amr?

Me: Yes mum, my boss Amr. We’re also kind of seeing each other now.

Mum: What does 'kind of' mean?

Me: Actually we’re seeing each other, meaning we’re a couple or trying to make it as a couple.

Mum: And why is it the first time I hear about this now?

Me: I was waiting for the right moment to tell you. It’s hard enough he’s my boss, I had to deal with some of the drama at work first and now it was time to share it with you.

Mum: I’m happy to hear that. Finally a guy you could actually marry.

Me: Mum, let’s not jump to conclusions here. I’m not saying we’re not serious, but talking about marriage is a bit too early.

Dad: What, who’s getting married?

Me: No one dad. I was telling mum about Amr my boss and that we’re currently seeing each other, but she automatically jumped to the conclusion of us getting married.

Mum: I did not.

Me: You did so!

Mum: All I wanted to say was I’d love to meet him, I think it’s important if your mother and father meet him. He’ll know that you’re looking for something serious. Don’t you agree? (looking at my dad for support)

Dad: Of course, but isn’t that a bit too soon? Let’s give it a few months from now.

Me: Thanks dad, you really get me.

Mum: Oh great, I’m always the one who talks nonsense. (and she walked off complaining)

Let me fast-forward to the day we arrived at Sokhna. We were more than twenty people including myself and Dina. I only knew a couple of people and I was excited to actually meet the rest of Amr’s group and leave a good impression on them. Amr asked one of his friends to pick me and Dina up, and to my surprise when we arrived his car was full of girls. Oh well, maybe they were just on his way. I was giving him a little bit of attitude at first, but then decided to just let it go.

Dina had a great time socializing with three guys on her way there. You could see her being really excited about it, but it was the same kind of excitement the man-eater gets when she has a target in mind. I poked her whispering: “Remember you’re looking for something a bit more serious?”

She just looked at me as if I reminded her of something she said a long while ago, but then she stopped being way too flirty and directed her attention towards one of the guys. After a while she looked at me winking as if she’s asking me if that’s better or not and I just nodded and laughed.

For some reason Amr’s male friends were much more nicer to me and we clicked instantly, but the females weren’t that welcoming, at least most of them. I wasn’t going to try harder, but maybe they just needed some more time to get used to me, not everyone opens up that easily.

Laila (one of his friends): So where do you work Luci?

Me: Same company as Amr hehe

Laila: He’s your boss?

Me: Yup.

Laila: Not awkward?

Me: Not really, he’s an amazing person.

Dina marched into the conversation trying to keep it a bit lighter: “That’s why she’s dating him anyway. It’s all about the money, isn’t that right Amr?”

He started laughing and hugged me really tight. Obviously his girl friends aren’t that easy to connect with, it’s going to take time and effort. It’s a good thing Dina tagged along. Oh wait, where did Dina go?

She was really hitting it off with one of Amr’s friend and actually referring to him by his first name, which for Dina is a big progress. Usually she calls them things like “the one with the sexy abs” or “the one who drinks too much coffee”, but never by their first names.

Next up was jacuzzi time, and for some reason all of Amr’s girl friends were chatting him up and not making any space for me there. I acted cool and sat next to Dina and her new friend. For a couple of seconds there I felt like a stranger, everyone busy joking and I wasn’t fitting anywhere. AWKWARD moment! Finally one of his friends, going by the name of Zeina, started chatting with me and the rest joined in on the conversation one by one. Phew! That was close. I thought they really started to hate me.

The two days went pretty smoothly and they were lots of fun. Amr gave me enough space to get to know his friends, but didn’t make me feel like an outsider either, he was always there to make me feel welcome and loved. I really felt like I was special to him, which I have to admit was a wonderful feeling.

On the last day, everyone was already sleeping and I went out to get some fresh air, it was really hot in Dina and my room. What do I see? Dina and her new friend Tarek kissing! Like really kissing deeply. I got really mad at her! That’s not the way to get into a serious relationship like she claims to want. It’s just one of her old tricks to have some quick fun and replace the guy with a new one. I went back to my room, I don’t think either of them noticed me being there.

I didn’t say a single word about it the next day and even until I made it back home. I decided to give her a call instead of having her take the wrong path again.

Me: I saw you guys yesterday kissing.

Dina: Isn’t that wonderful? It’s the first time I ever get butterflies, like actual ones, not you know.

Me: Yeah, but don’t you think that’s way too soon? You only knew the guy for two days Dina.

Dina: Oh. (a moment of silence) You’re so right, how could I have done that?

Me: It’s fine, the actual dating thing and being serious is still new to you. You’ll get there.

Dina: I bet he already thinks I’m easy. Right?

Me: I don’t know him that well, but that’s the general mentality of Arab men.

Dina: What should I do? I think I actually like him.

Me: Did he ask for your number?

Dina: Yes he did.

Me: Good, then don’t text him or give him any attention until he does it first. Try to ignore the fact that you guys kissed, maybe he did it out of liking you as well, not just because you know…

Dina: I really hope so. Damn it, I need brakes.

Me: I couldn’t agree more…

Both Dina and my mum need them, don't you agree?

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