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| by Luci

Post #76: The One Who Makes You Laugh

Faisal: Want mine?

Me: No no, I’ve already had two scoops. You haven’t eaten much, how can you not like ice-cream? Are you kidding me?

Faisal: I don’t know, I’m just not a big fan.

Me: Well, that determines a lot about our friendship.

Faisal: Yeah, if you’re still insisting on calling this a friendship. Why? Huh.

I wasn’t able to answer him. I’m not even sure why I still call him my friend. We’ve started dating for a while now and it’s been actually going really well. Ever since we kissed on that night out and I’ve stopped categorizing him as Faisal, the guy who I like to annoy, to Faisal, the guy I like hanging out with and sharing lots of details of my life with.

Me: You’re right. It’s taking me much longer than it should babe, but trust me I’ll get there.

Faisal: So when are you going back to Cairo? I can’t keep ditching my work to come and see you here.

Me: But why not? You like spending time with me, don’t you? Hehehe

Faisal: Of course I do, but you know what I mean. I’d like for our friends to start seeing us together, plus there are tons of people I’d want you to meet. Now tell me, when can you take your next vacation?

Me: I can include a few extra days with Eid and come back to Cairo, sounds good?

Faisal: Perfect!

The next day I make my way into the office, with this weird and happy feeling in my stomach that this will be a really great day. You don’t get that feeling very often and I’ve learned to appreciate it. I ignored all the mean girls who I got used to them giving me weird looks ever since that incident between me and Rania at the club.

It turned out to be the longest day I had at work for a long while, especially since everyone was trying to close up the projects they were working on to enjoy their Eid vacation. I kept on daydreaming at the meetings, hoping for it to get over soon. Suddenly I get a message from Faisal saying: “Babe, I’d like to see you today once you’re done with work as I have to go back to Cairo in the evening.”

Getting that message only made me speed things up even more and I ran out of the office as soon as I got the chance. Then I realized something, which is that this guy, out of all the ones I have dated, excited me the most. It’s not the crazy butterfly feeling, but rather a more stable and solid kind of happiness. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn out to be a psycho; I told myself while driving back home.

I noticed how emotional he was while we were out, the word 'feelings' came out a lot, or other synonyms of it. It didn’t scare me off, but I kept on smiling like a shy kid.

Faisal: You know what I realized? It will sound cliche, I must warn you.

Me: Go ahead, I can handle it.

Faisal: I really didn’t want to get into any relationship any time soon, but ever since I met you and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You know what they say, at the end of the day you want to be with the one who makes you laugh the most. And Luci, that is you!

I blushed again and had no clue what to tell him.

Faisal: Aren’t you going to say anything?

Me: I’m short on words honestly, not in a shocking way, but rather it's extreme happiness, which makes me speechless. 

We had dessert, and then he dropped me back home, and while I was in the elevator, I couldn’t help but think that today was one hell of an awesome day, and it couldn’t get any better. I didn’t want anyone to burst my bubble. In a very long while, I was extremely happy and I couldn’t wipe that stupid smirk off of my face. But I was wrong…

I got out my keys and while walking to my apartment, I noticed a big box waiting on my doorstep. I wasn’t sure if it was mine or not, so I picked it up and looked at it left and right, until I found a card that had my name on it. I went inside and opened it as fast as I could. It was a bag, a gorgeous one. I started laughing hysterically. Why? Because I immediately realized it was a gift from Faisal. I had showed him a week ago a Farah Asmar bag I was going to order, and then forgot to actually do it.

I looked further into the box and found a card saying: “What’s inside of the bag?” Before opening it, I stared for a second, trying to guess, and then opened the clasp. I then found another box, a much smaller one this time. I opened it and couldn’t close my mouth for a while out of shock. A diamond ring, yes, I said that right. What is he thinking? Then I noticed the small note that came with the ring saying:

“Marry someone you want to annoy forever. In other words Luci, marry me?”

I dropped myself onto the couch trying to make all this sink into my head. I always thought I would freak out when the guy I'm with proposes, especially Faisal. I tried to remind myself that I had given Habiba a hard time for marrying a man much older than her, Rafik, and not just that, but also because she didn’t know him for such a long time. I’m exactly in that same situation, but I felt good about it. The phone rang and it was Faisal saying: “So? What do you say?”

Me: I’m speechless yet again hahaha

Faisal: In a good or a bad way? Look, I realize it might be too soon for you, but I feel really great about us. I’m on my way to the airport now, if you need more time to think about it, it’s fine.

Me: No, of course I don’t. And YES, I want to marry you. I feel great about us too.

Faisal: That’s the best news ever! Call your dad first thing now, telling him I’d like to meet him, then send me his number.

Me: Will do.

Faisal: Perfect, see you in Cairo! I can’t wait to see the looks on our friends’ faces when we tell them the news.

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