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An Irresistible Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

Zeinab El-Fiqi
4/11/16, 12:00 AM

Cheesecake lovers, this chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe is going to make your day! You won’t have to take your car to your favorite dessert shop/bakery, to have your cheesecake fix anymore. You might even invite friends over for a movie night and make them this irrestiable cheesecake recipe. So let’s get started.

Ingredients of chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe:

I will breakdown the ingredients into four sections, because every step of the chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe almost includes similar ingredients.

Section 1

1 cup of chocolate cookie crumbs

3 Tbsp of white sugar

¼ cup of melted butter

Section 2

1 package of frozen raspberries (about 300 grams)

2 Tbsp of white sugar

2 Tsp of cornstarch

2 cups of water

Section 3

2 cups of milk chocolate chips (you can use white or dark chocolate, according to your preference)

½ cup of half-and-half cream

Section 4

3 packages of softened cream cheese (about 200 grams)

½ cup of white sugar

3 eggs

1 Tsp of vanilla extract

Steps to make the chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe:

1. Mix together the chocolate cookies crumbs, the white sugar and the melted butter in a medium sized bowl. Take the paste and press it in a spring-form pan.

2. Now you a sauce pan, to add the raspberry, the sugar, the cornstarch and the water. Leave it to boil for 5 minutes. You just need to make sure that the mix is now thick. Now pour the mix into a mesh strainer into a bowl to remove the seeds.

3. Heat up the oven to 165 degrees C.

4. Now place a pan full of water on the cooker and let it boil, then place the chocolate and the half-and-half cream together in a metal bowl over the boiling water pan. The steam will melt the chocolate and the cream together.

5. Now take the cream cheese and mix it with ½ cup of sugar in a large bowl, until it becomes smooth. Crack the eggs into the mix and start beating it all together. Then pour the vanilla extract and the melted chocolate mix and blend all together.

6. Pour half of the previous mix onto the paste placed in the spring-form pan, and even it with a wooden spoon.

7. Pour about 3 or 4 spoons of the raspberry sauce, and even it with a wood spoon.

8. Pour the other half of the mix onto the raspberry sauce.

9. Then top it with the rest of the raspberry sauce.

10. Place the spring-form pan into the heated oven and leave it for 55 to 60 minutes.

11. When you take it out, let it cool down before you place it inside the fridge. Leave it inside to refrigerate for 8 to 9 hours.

Now serve it with some fresh raspberries, and enjoy a deliciously (made with love) chocolate raspberry cheesecake with your friends and loved ones.


Zeinab El-Fiqi

Since she was a little girl, Zeinab El-Fiqi enjoyed listening to music while she sat down on the floor to write short stories. She always found writing a way to express herself. Growing up, she always...

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