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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Master Winter Layering with Your Hijab Without the Bulky Look

Hijabis often feel overwhelmed with the amount of layers they have to put on in winter. Wanting to get cozy and feel warm with big sweaters, coats and scarves can end up in a top heavy look, especially when you put your hijab on. The truth is, you don't have to compromise your warmth or that big jacket you really love because of that problem, it's all about balance and how you wrap your veil with your outfit.

There's an art to layering clothes, knowing what materials will give you warmth without bulkiness and how you can balance out the weight of your look, especially with hijab fashion. Here are a few tips on how you can minimize the bulky look and layer clothes with your hijab.

1. If you're going for a big puffy jacket, wear thinner layers underneath. If you're worried about the cold, pick items like thin cashmere sweaters or wool and wear a thermal undergarment or top to keep you even warmer.

2. With big poofy sweaters, turtlenecks or jackets, you have to keep in mind what hijab wrap you're going to go for. Make sure you pick a thinner material so you can fit it under your clothes to reduce bulkiness.


3. If you feel like wearing a scarf, make sure to balance it out with a scarf of a thin material, preferably tucked in your clothes or thrown to the back.


4. If you want to wear fur or something with a lot of texture, reduce the heaviness and width of your look on top by picking a neutral, pattern-free scarf with a really thin material and match its color to the top you're wearing underneath so it looks like they are the same piece.


5. If you love the long coat with a cardigan underneath look or want to layer a lot of things, make sure your pants are more subtle and the layers are thin. Add warmth with thermal tank tops and maybe a thin scarf. With the later tucking in your veil. If you don't like doing that, skip the scarf and pick a thin veil and let it flow with the outfit for a cool layered look.


6. If you love patterns and accessorizing but it ends up looking too much in winter, find a balance by wearing a soft silk scarf in a tighter wrap. Your sweater underneath should also be of a thin material but something that is heat insulating, like cashmere.


7. If you're wearing something oversized or with a lot of texture and loudness at the shoulders, turbans are your best friend. They're great because you can wear earrings with them and remove the extra layering you feel your veil adds to outfits. You can also add a hat on top of your turban if you don't think it suits you.


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