Amazingly and unlike how it used to be, hijab styles are diverse nowadays that no matter what your face shape is or what your style taste is, you can still find what suits you. However, it's not an easy task to pick the suitable wrap for the style you're choosing for the day. This is why we've summed up the best wraps and when they are best worn and with which style! Follow up and thank us later!

1. Boho Style

This style has been so trendy and careless, one-sided back do's suit it more and embraces the gypsy vibes of the outfit.


Instagram @noor

2. Classic/Formal Wear

Tight well wrapped headscarves match best with this style and makes it classy, preserved & exclusive.


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3. Evening Dresses

Surprisingly, both back do and ordinary wraps suit this category. It really depends on your evening dress. As long as nothing exceptional will be hidden by the ordinary wrap, you can just pick what really makes you comfortable.


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4. Daily Casual

Loose wraps are the perfect choice for casual outfits since it gives more freedom in movement and at the same time allows you to spice up your look with an earring.


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5. Sportive Style

Ordinary wraps fit the most in this style. Most probably you will be putting on your jumper/sweatshirt and sneakers, so whether you choose to tighten it up or loosen your scarf, both match perfectly with the sportive style.


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6. Comfy Style

Loose clothes just need to be in contrast with tight yet modest wraps. That's why the well wrapped style also fits here the most!


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7. Beach Wear

Up do's (turbans) are just what's made for this category. They're easy, flexible and unique!


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Main Image Credits by order: Instagram @sarasabry , @noor , @dalalid