It took me many years to find the perfect hijab wrap for my face shape after many trials and errors. But, thank God for hijab fashion bloggers, and social media, because now you have at least hijab fashion blogger that you can relate to in terms of style and looks. So, let's see what is the perfect hijab wrap for every face shape.

1. Hijab wrap for round face:

The best hijab wrap for women with a round face is very simple. Round-faced women need to elongate their foreheads by elevating their headscarves just a little bit, and making a very small tip. 

Instagram: @golovkova.s

2. Hijab wrap for oval face:

Women with oval faces can wear their hair bands closer to their foreheads, to create an illusion that the face is not too long.

Instagram: @sarahilaian

3. Hijab wrap for triangle face:

As for women who have a triangle face, they ca balance their long chins with a slightly elevated, down to the front and tipped headscarf.

Instagram: @lulaytifay

4. Hijab wrap for square face

Last but not least, ladies with square faces are advised to wear their headscarves in a round wrap, to make the face's edges look rounder.

Instagram: @ayabarqawi