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| by Nada Allam

The Unspoken Rules of a Relationship

Whether or not you have been in a long-term relationship, or still getting into a new one, every relationship has a set of unspoken rules. Think of it as relationships 101, a list of things you should never do to your significant other, to maintain mutual respect and understanding between one another. 

1. Swearing.

While I know we practically swear between every other word nowadays, but calling each other names is a no no. No matter how mad you are, no one likes to hear that they are @#$%^&*.

2. Insulting the family is unacceptable.

One of the major unspoken rules of a relationship is not insulting the parents. Even if you don't like your in-laws, or can't stand your boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents, do not ever cross that line. 

3. The YOU becomes a WE.

Since you decided to have a partner in life, the unspoken rule is that the YOU becomes a WE.  For example, taking big life decisions, will involve both of you reaching an agreement. 

4. Humiliation is unacceptable.

Everyone has a weak or sensitive trait in their personality. Relationship rule #4 is that you should never hold their weaknesses against them or use it to your advantage.

5. Never threaten or give ultimatums.

Take it as an unspoken rule in relationships, don't throw out an ultimatum, or use the word 'divorce/breakup' in a sentence. We all have an ego, and usually when put in front of an ultimatum in heated scenarios, we will choose the option that hurts the person in front of us. 

6. Do not let others come between you.

Neither friends, nor parents should know what fights or hardships both of you are going through. A major rule in relationships that does not have to be said is that your issues remain a matter between the both of you.

7. Maintain a positivity ratio.

If you want to look for the bad in anything, you will always find it. Try to focus your attention on the positive traits of one another, instead of constantly reminding your partner of their flaws. 

8. What happens in the past, stays in the past

One of the most important rules of a relationship is that once an issue is resolved, it should be put behind you for good. Tempting as it may be to bring up past arguments, it will not lead to anything good.

9. Compromise is key

Let's face it, no relationship will work without a little sacrifice from the both of you every now and then. This is basically relationship rules 101. 

10. Support each other's dreams

Even if one of you wants to become a circus performer, there is nothing worse then having your dreams stepped on by your partner. 

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