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What to Expect When Dating Much Older or Younger Men

Let's face it, we live in a very judgmental world and especially here in the Arab region, where every family member feels like it's their obligation to butt into your relationship and your love life. Let's picture this scenario for a second, you're dating a man who's twice your age or even a few years younger than you, let's say around five years at least. We're not saying any of those two options are bad in any way, in fact some people find them sexy, but we're just saying people tend to talk and talk a lot, which you need to be ready for. Are you? Now if your answer is yes, below are a few pointers on what you need to keep in mind when entering a relationship with an older man or a younger one.

Though there are a lot of pros to getting married to an older man such as being with someone wise who has a good amount of life experience (mostly) and we're sure lots of other things speak for him, you'll also need to consider the below points.

1. Make sure he's dating you for the right reasons, meaning he's not being with you just because you're much younger and he thinks it's easier to control you or just because he wants to relive his youth again.

2. An important point to consider is your sex life. It could go one of two ways you'll probably be much more active than he is when you're married and having sex, or his experience will take your sex life to amazing levels for the both of you. Communication is key in all aspects of your relationship, so don't shy away from this conversation. 

3. Sex aside, let's talk travel, friends and fun for a moment. Would he be up for trips and outings or would you be much more active in that area, as he's already been there and done that. Just a point to think about and consider, after all you both want to build a life, both of you would enjoy. 

4. Talking about the past! If your man has been divorced this is something you should talk about, don't brush it off by saying, oh that was in the past; he changed. You're about to enter into a partnership with someone after all, so talking about why the previous relationship wasn't successful is important. 

5. Be ready to respect part of his life if he has kids or an old mother. That's something you shouldn't keep him away from, they should be part of your own family too.

6. If he hasn't been married before, you'll need to keep in mind that he was most probably living alone all that time, which means it will be an adjustment for him to live with someone,  as he's used to having his own space and his very own life. It'll take time for him to accept it's a life for two now.

7. Make sure you know where he stands with kids. Does he want to have kids right away or if he doesn't want to have kids at all. It's crucial to talk it through and to know his plans, or your plans together before you marry. 

8. Last but not least, and because you're very close and true friends are very important, is he willing to accept them and does he get along well with them? Never give up your true friends for a relationship!

Now the other scenario, he's fun and youthful and brings the crazy in you, which is great! But you'll also need to read through the below issues which might occur when dating a much younger man and getting married.

1. You're older and most probably have a much more successful position at work, which means you make more money. Would that cause an issue between you guys? A confident man wouldn't think twice and would actually support your success, just make sure he's one of those men.

2. Some guys like to get into a relationship with older women because they're missing the parental figure. So the question here is are you willing to be both a lover and a parental figure or would you rather have a man that takes care of you as well? If he's a little bit of both, then it's fine of course.

3. Let's face it, most women are much more advanced than men of the same age when it comes to thinking (not always but mostly). With the age difference between you two, chances are you'll notice the difference in thinking often. That's not something to be afraid of, it's just something to take notice of while you are dating, to make sure it's something you are comfortable with and can accept in your relationship. 

4. Even though some of us women like to be independent, we always enjoy having a shoulder to lean on. We're not saying you won't be able to do that with a younger man, but just make sure he is able to be that kind of partner for you, and is not in a completely different headspace. 

5. Just like we said at the beginning of the article, people are going to gossip a lot about you. Not just gossip, some would also come talking to you and him about it and trying to convince you to get out of it. You need to be ready for that. If it's true love then nothing can break it.

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