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| by The Fustany Team

Your Ultimate Guide to Style Your Hair in Ramadan

Whether you're invited for Iftar or Suhoor, Ramadan is the season to switch up your hairstyle and try something different! That's why we've partnered up with the hair experts at Al Sagheer Salons to share with you the ultimate guide to style your hair during Ramadan.

1. Braids, braids, and more braids!
Since Ramadan is taking place in the summertime, braids are a perfect solution to keep your hair tied up in a stylish way. Braids aren't just for long hair; braids also look great even if you have short hair. In fact, there's a suitable braid for every hair type/length. For Ramadan, try the fishtail braid or the halo braid - they'll suit your Ramadan outfits and give your look a twist.

2. Top your hairstyle with an accessory.
A cute headband? Yes, please. A sparkly pin? Oh, why not. Embellished hairpieces? Go for it! For Ramadan, welcome accessories to your hairstyles, but make sure to keep things simple! Meaning, if want to wear a statement hair accessory, keep your outfit on the simple side and let your hairstyle do the talking!

3. Turbans are back!

Do you remember when turbans used to be the epitome of style? Well, the turban is back and it's an absolutely suitable look for Ramadan. You can buy a ready-knotted turban or you can make your very own turban by wrapping up your favorite scarf. When you're wearing a turban, style your hair in loose waves beneath it - it will look just great.
4. Add a twist to your bun and ponytail.
Who doesn't love buns and ponytails? They're actually the easiest and most convenient way to keep your hair off of your face in the heat! However, for Ramadan, why don't you add a twist to your good old bun and ponytail? Try a half-up bun or a twisted side ponytail. This will certainly elevate your Ramadan look and keep your refreshed!

Now scroll down and check out some hair inspiration, as we found Ramadan hairstyles that are loved and approved by the hair magicians at Al Sagheer Salons.

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