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Do You Want to Avoid Pain During Your Labor? Try HypnoBirthing

Fustany Team
8/26/21, 12:00 AM

Giving birth is one of the most difficult things that a woman go through, and we never know if it will be painful or not. The bad news is that it's painful, whether it's a natural birth or a C-section, but with a beautiful outcome. Many pregnant women have recently experimented with a new technique known as hypnobirthing. By now, you're probably wondering what hypnobirthing is. I'll tell you everything, but here's a hint: you can have painless labour, yes, you read that right. In this article, I'll explain how to avoid pain during labour by using hypnobirthing.

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How does hypnobirthing work? 

It is a technique that helps your body relax in various ways; it prepares women physically, mentally, and spiritually for labour and enduring labour pain. You could say that your mind travels to your happy place to help distract your body from pain.

When it comes to labour, some women prefer to go all-natural, without even using pain relievers or epidurals; you're probably wondering how the hell they do it. Hypnobirthing is their secret; you train your mind to daydream while remaining aware of your surroundings. It's basically a mind over body kind of mindset. 

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You're probably wondering how I should begin?

Well, it's classes, and you can take them online or in person if they're available near you.

One thing to remember about hypnobirthing is that it takes some time to learn everything to be able to apply all the techniques successfully. . Moms should begin classes as soon as their second trimester begins.

Some hypnobirthing programmes teach you to practice using a mix of music, such as listening to your favourite song or relaxing music. Visualization techniques include things like watching your favourite movie or looking at cute animal pictures to help distract your body and mind from the pain. The most important thing is to think happy thoughts. You can combine hypnobirthing with other pain-relieving techniques you are familiar with.

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What to expect from hypnobirthing class?

hypnobirthing techniques

1. Breathing techniques

You will be practicing a variety of breathing techniques, one of which is a deep inhale, followed by a brief hold of the breath and a long, slow exhale. Though it may appear simple, this breathing method quickly relaxes your body and gets rid of stress hormones.

2. Deep relaxation

You will also learn how to induce deep relaxation in yourself through the use of affirmations and audio cues. Your pain will be reduced, and you may even be less likely to develop certain complications.

3. Support from your husband

Your husband plays a role in this, and it is important that he be present and assist you. During class, they will assist in providing him with tools to support you, such as gentle massage, pressure points and aromatherapy, throughout the birth. You also learn great communication skills with your partner so that they know what you need at any given time.

Make sure to look for online classes near you to get started on your labour-free journey.

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A very important thing to remember is that it is your body, and you know what it can handle and what is difficult, so yes, child labour is painful, but you are training your body for the beautiful day when you get to hold your baby, so it is okay to take breaks in the middle of practice, but the most important thing is to always stay positive and believe in your body and what it's meant to do, and not stress yourself during those times.

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