9 Months of Waiting, a Lifetime of Accepting Your Beautiful Body After Becoming a Mother

Salma Ihab
8/13/21, 12:00 AM

Yes, you read that correctly! Your beautiful body changes a lot after you become a mother, and you should be very proud of those changes because you just went through something huge, growing an actual human inside you and giving birth. This wonderful experience left such an indelible imprint on you that you should be proud of your body for being able to do such a thing. Every stretch mark tells a different story and shows that you are a worrier who is capable of achieving anything.

There are a few internal changes that occur, and other changes, such as the mother instinct, occur where you become more aware of your baby's needs without them speaking.

I understand how difficult it is to adjust to all of these changes, but you should be proud of your body for doing so. The following are some of the beautiful body changes that occur after becoming a mother:

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1. More kilos, but the end result is beautiful "Body weight"

Some women gain a few extra kilos during their pregnancy, and once they give birth, they lose some of it because they have a lot of fluid inside, and once the baby is born, they lose all of it. It is difficult to lose weight while breastfeeding because your body requires all of the nourishment it can get in order to produce milk. But keep in mind that it took you nine months to gain all of those kilos, so it's okay if it takes you longer to lose them.

2. The weight carrier "Uterus"

When you're pregnant, it's normal for your uterus to grow in size. The normal size is a pear, but when pregnant, it grows to the size of a watermelon. It will take some time for it to return to its normal size after giving birth. For several days after giving birth, you may experience discomfort and cramping pain. Because your abdominal muscles were stretched during your pregnancy, you may still have a baby bump after your uterus has shrunk. With exercise and time to recover after giving birth, your body will return to its pre-baby shape.

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3. The girls “Boobs”

After a few days of giving birth, the milk will begin to flow, causing your breasts to harden and enlarge. You may experience some discomfort at first, but you will eventually nurse frequently, which will help you adjust to your baby's needs. Another side effect that may occur is that your breasts may become a little saggy than before.

To avoid "the girls" sagging, the simple solution is to wear a bra that fits you well and provides the support your boobs require; the more difficult solution is to fit in a few workouts or yoga sessions; this will go a long way toward preventing saggy boobs.

4. Tiny tank "Bladder"

Your bladder may have suffered as a result of a difficult delivery. You may lose sensitivity and your bladder may swell for a few days. As a result, you may have difficulty determining when you need to pee. The best you can do at this point is go to the bathroom every now and then, even if you don't want to.

During pregnancy, your body produces more fluids than usual, and once you give birth, you begin to lose some of them over time. As a result, your bladder swells, causing urinary problems and making it difficult to know when you need to go to the bathroom. Your pelvic floor muscles stretch during pregnancy, making it even more difficult to hold your pee. When some women sneeze or laugh, they may experience leakage.

To avoid any unwanted leakage that may ruin your day, you can use a pad until your bladder returns to normal. It's similar to having a period; we wear the pad for a few days and then we're free of it; there's nothing to be ashamed of; it's a way for your body to recover and return to normal.

5. Love your skin and hair, and it will love you back.

We all know that during pregnancy, women enjoy having healthy, good looking hair. As a result, after giving birth, the hair begins to fall more than usual, but don't worry, it will grow back.

It is normal for some women to experience dry skin after giving birth. We can't forget about stretch marks. You may notice some on your breasts and belly, but they will fade with time. And you shouldn't be too concerned about it because it's a way for your body to expand and make more room for the baby that's growing inside you, and once you give birth, you'll be back to your pre-baby body in a few months.

A few inspiring words that caught our attention that will undoubtedly change your perspective on how you see your body after becoming a mother.

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6. Lady parts “Vagina” 

Giving birth naturally may have a few side effects on your vagina, such as it becoming swollen, sore, and a bit stretched open, but this is normal because you just had a baby! This will go away in a few weeks. Some women's vagina may remain slightly larger than before, but you don't have to worry because exercise can help you with this problem.

You will also notice a discharge for a few weeks after giving birth. And after a while, its color will change from red to light pink to some sort of white. Don't worry, this discharge will fade away over time. It is preferable to use sanitary pads.

7. Emotional changes

Adjusting to motherhood is difficult; we frequently hear from new mothers that they are unable to sleep for the first few days due to the baby's crying. Again, this is normal because, if you think about it, you're trying to adjust to what happened and how your family just welcomed a new member. And, if you think about it from the baby's perspective, those poor little things have been in one environment for 9 months and are now trying to adjust to a new one. It is normal for them to cry a lot; after all, they are newborns.

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We can't forget about the pain you'll be in for a few weeks after giving birth, which may affect your mood. You can try to relax while your baby is sleeping or not crying by listening to music, watching your favorite movie, or drinking your favorite drink. Try to shift your attention away from the pain in your body and the stress you've been experiencing for the past few days.

It's normal to be overwhelmed by how your body looks now, the pain you're experiencing, or the fact that you suddenly have this enormous responsibility of caring for a tiny human. But it's completely normal; you've gone through a lot of changes, and it will take time for you to adjust to them, such as losing your pregnancy weight or changing your style to accommodate nursing your baby.

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So, instead of being harsh on yourself, learn to love your body more and more for the beautiful thing it has created. To feel better, talk with other women who have gone through similar experiences. Finding people who have gone through similar experiences and talking about them can be very beneficial. There are many Facebook groups for new moms, and they always share useful tips and discuss their challenges.

You must love yourself and appreciate your body and the wonderful things it has created. You must love yourself and appreciate your body and the wonderful things it has created.

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