Giving birth to your first baby is an unimaginable new experience for any woman, and the physical changes that you go through in the first few months after might be overwhelming. Since you should feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, so you can conquer all of the new challenges, let me help you with these styling tips for new mums. With a few changes in your daily outfits, your life can be easier, and more stylish. Trust me, feeling good about yourself will definitely help you!

1. This easy piece of accessory will give your mama style a boost...

Since you're breastfeeding, wearing long or obvious necklaces will be restraining and annoying, so I suggest that you start giving earrings more attention. Earrings will make you look like you did some work there, while you just bought a bunch of colorful ones to match different outfits!

2. Why carry a nursing cover, when your over-sized scarf can do the trick!

I understand that nursing covers come in many shapes and sizes now. But why carry an item that you can replace with a chic accessory? Over-sized scarfs will transform from a chic piece to a covering piece in seconds, and you won't even have to put it into your bag.

3. Neutral colored headscarves for the not so energetic days...

Hijabis need to have several neutral colored headscarves to throw on any outfit, for the days they don't feel like exerting too much effort thinking about mixing and matching. An easy hijab wrap will make life better too!

Instagram: @sharmin.ahmed

4. Turn your favorite pre-baby handbag into a hidden diaper bag.

I heard a lot of mommies complain about missing their favorite handbags, and how much they hate the diaper bag. So, mommies, turn your favorite handbag into a hidden diaper bag...just click on the previous link to know exactly how.

Instagram: @karenwazenb

5. Embrace the messy bun and the effortless style.

Some days, the perfect mommy style is not really meant to happen. So, embrace the messy bun, sunglasses, your favorite jeans, and graphic t-shirt. You'll be amazed that some people will think that you're a cool mum.

Instagram: @bangbangblond

6. Mommies must have one comfy jeans that they love.

You must have one jeans, at least, that you can throw on any day at any time. This pair usually makes you feel comfortable, and it looks good on anything. It doesn't matter if it's as old as time, as long as you love it, and as long it matches most of your wardrobe.

Instagram: @misgeoburke

7. The buttoned, comfy dress:

For the days that you really don't feel like wearing anything that is body hugging, I suggest you get yourself a shirt dress. This dress is usually over-sized, and it can be buttoned and unbuttoned very easily for you to nurse your baby.

Instagram: @mrskeepa

8. Flats are friendly for new mommies, but sneakers are their best friend!

Investing in a cute pair of sneakers is the best thing a new mum can do, because you'll probably wear them with everything - chic and casual outfits. And they'll keep your feet happy.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @mrskeepa