We're approaching the celebration of Moulid El Naby and we all know the day is not complete without a big box of Halawet El Moulid, which we showed you how you can make at home. The collection of nougats, candied nuts and Turkish delights are hard to walk away from, especially for me, a person that finds sweets irresistible. However, what might help us hold back when it comes to Halawet El Moulid desserts, is getting to know how much calories they contain. Of course, you don't have to hold back if you don't want to and you can go ahead and enjoy as much as you want to. But, if you're someone who likes to be aware of the amount of calories they consume, this is for you.

So here are the calories in Halawet El Moulid Sweets:

Candied Hummus (Hummuseya): 400 calories  

Candies Peanuts (Fouleya): 800 calories  

Candied Sesame (Semsemeya): 650 calories  

Candied Pistachios (Fozdokeya): 630 calories  

Candied Hazelnuts (Bondokeya): 700 calories  

Candied Almonds (Lozeya): 650 calories  

Plain Nougat: 420 calories  

Nougat with Nuts: 500 calories 

Plain Turkish Delight: 820 calories  

Turkish Delight with Nuts: 1080 calories  

Plain Coconut Bar (Goozeya): 640 calories  

Coconut Bar with Nuts (Goozeya): 720 calories  

Coconut Candy (Al Ladida): 500 calories    

Tips to avoid weight gain from Halawet El Moulid:

1. You can limit it to one or two pieces a day.

2. Make sure you drink a lot of water, at least 2 liters a day. Staying hydrated will help balance out the amount of sugar in your blood.

3. Try drinks that help with the burning of fat, like water with lemon or ginger.

4. If you have diabetes, you should have one piece and try to not have more, while of course  drinking a large amount of water.  

5. You can also try to keep a regular exercise routine to make sure you balance and burn the high sugar intake.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @voiladessert_eg