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How to De-stress and Recharge Your Energy the Night Before Your Wedding

Zeinab El-Fiqi
8/22/20, 12:00 AM

The more your wedding date approaches, and because of all the planning, the more you and your groom become very stressed. Thus, you can’t bring this negative energy to your wedding, where you’re supposed to feel happy and excited. So, I gathered for you some ideas that can help you relax and recharge positive energy the night before your wedding, to welcome this big event with an open heart, and a clear mind that’s ready to celebrate.  

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a massage:

Whether you’re staying at a hotel the night before your wedding or not, head to a good spa and ask for a relaxing massage. Because if your body is feeling alright, it will help your mind de-stress too. Also, check out how you can get a relaxing foot massage at home.

2. A bubble bath is a good idea too:

If you don’t have time to head to a spa then fill your bathtub with some hot water, and throw in a lavender scented bath bomb and some infused bath salt. The warm water and the scent of the lavender will make you feel relaxed.

3. Get a good amount of sleep:

Well, I know it’s not easy, but you really need to get some sleep before your wedding day. So, I’ll share with you some quick tips that will help you unplug and sleep, and if you want, you can check more tips in detail in here.

- Switch off your phone, and don’t check social media.

- Make sure that you’re sleeping in a quiet room.

- Breath in slowly, and exhale slowly from your nose.

- If you still can’t sleep, then don’t turn to your phone, instead, open a book that you think is relaxing and read a few pages.

4. Listen to relaxing music:

Stay away from any music that is upbeat or that will make you nervous in any way. Listen to something that will make your body feel relaxed. So, that means, no partying the night before, bad idea.

5. Surround yourself with the people you love only:

People who make you nervous, anxious and uncomfortable are not welcome the night before your wedding. You need to surround yourself with people that you know that they love you and that you love back.

6. Don’t eat junk food:

Junk food might seem like a fun idea, but it will leave your body bloated, and mind worried about how you’ll feel tomorrow morning.  

7. Stay away from caffeinated drinks:

I suggest you stay away from any caffeinated drinks like fizzy drinks, tea, and coffee. It won’t only keep you awake, it will make you feel anxious too.

8. Think positively:

This is the most important thing brides need to do, because most of you girls get nightmares a month before about everything wrong that can happen on your wedding day. So, train your mind to think positively about your wedding day, and the blessings you have.

Good luck beautiful ladies.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram moderosaofficial


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