I wash my teeth three times a day, and I take my time with it, yet I’m often forced to visit my dentist due to tooth decay. This inconvenience made me wonder what I was doing wrong, and after a conversation with a friend who’s going through a similar situation with her teeth, we decided to do some deeper research on the topic.

And here’s what we found on how to effectively take care of your teeth, because let’s face it, we all want beautiful and healthy teeth not just now, but also on the longer run. It’s easy, trust me, but the trick is turning it into a routine of yours.

When brushing your teeth...

1. Do it at least twice per day.

2. It’s best to brush your teeth in circles.

3. Don’t forget to brush gently along the gum line.

4. Also, don’t forget to brush them from the inside (or back side).

5. Brush your tongue.

6. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months (Yes. Only 3. Go buy a new one now!)

7. Use mouthwash every 1 or 2 days. I tried out Listerine and it works perfectly!

Pro Tip: Don’t rinse right away your mouth after brushing your teeth, as it’ll wash away the fluoride from your toothpaste. Give it a minute or so to avoid diluting it and reducing its preventative affect.

When flossing you have to...

1. Simply, just do it once per day, preferably at the end of each day.

2. Take your time with it, to make sure you’ve covered all teeth, both upper and lower.

3. Rinse your mouth afterwards to get rid of any remains.

Some additional tips...

1. Rinse your mouth regularly, especially after snacks.

2. Cut down or even better avoid things like sugar, smoking and alcohol.

3. Check-ups with your dentist should be not be forgotten about and are much need sometimes. 

That’s it, they might seem like lots of steps, but if it becomes a habit, you’re guaranteed to avoid lots of problems with your teeth, which is a pretty good deal, right?

Main Image Credits: Instagram @alessandraambrosio