Remember when your mother used to stress how important it is for you to eat all your vegetables, especially carrots? Well, your mum had a valid point of view, carrots are so good for your body, and here’s the proof:

1. Women looking for healthy and good-looking skin should eat carrots, lots of them! Because carrots are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin A.

2. Carrots are literally skin food. Being packed with Vitamin C, a glass of carrot juice per day can treat the lack of collagen, and boost your skin's elasticity which aids in restoring collagen in your skin naturally. Carrots also promote acne-free skin and can kiss scars goodbye. Wait, I’m not done yet, carrots have the ability to enhance your skin tone and they make a great ingredient for facials and masks.

3. As for people who suffer from indigestion, they’ll find the solution in carrots, because they increase saliva and supply essential minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that aid in digestion.

4. One of the best ways to regulate high blood pressure is to eat carrots, why? Because they contain potassium which maintains a healthy sodium level in your body.

5. Scared of tooth decay? Then eat carrots, they’ll protect your teeth and cleanse them while you munch on them.

So, remember to add raw carrots to your diet from now on, and call mom and tell her you did!