Makeup nowadays has become full of secrets, tips and tricks. Makeup can help your eyes looks bigger; it can help your lips look bigger, your eyebrows more perfect and many more countless uses. And to take advantage of makeup, makeup can help you look younger. If you use just the wrong tone of foundation, it could ruin your whole look. So it’s very important for many women to know how some little makeup tricks can instantly reduce 10 years of her age. Here’s how:

1.  Moisturize your face before applying makeup:

Moisturizing your face before wearing any makeup is the main key to a perfect makeup look that will make your face look 10 years younger. Preferably choose a moisturizer that is oil free for a non-shiny look.

2, Choose liquid concealer and avoid powder foundation:

Women who would like to look 10 years younger need to avoid concealers and foundations that come in shape of powder, they contain wax and they fall between wrinkle lines which eventually will highlight the wrinkles more. Liquid and water based concealers and foundations hide the imperfections and blend perfectly with the skin, making the wrinkles less visible naturally.

3. Choose a warm foundation color:

To look younger, you need to get the skin tone of someone younger, the older we get the paler our skin become. So pick a yellowish tone of foundation to make your skin look warmer.

4. blend your makeup well:

Whether you use a damp makeup blender or not, you need to find a way to make your makeup blend perfectly. Beauty blenders leave your face flawless, but if you’re out of a beauty bender, you can damp your fingers and tap on your face gently, then use a makeup cotton ball and tap again.  

5.  Tweez your eyebrows less frequently:

As we grow older our features become edgier, so we need to make everything look softer. Arched eyebrows or very thin eyebrows gives you more age. So to look 10 years younger, try to make your eyebrows less arched and a little bit thicker and lighter than your eyebrows natural color.

6.  Always wear mascara:

It’s no secret that beautiful eyelashes make you look 10 times prettier, and younger! Always curl your eyelashes and wear mascara for an extra eye glowing look.

7.  Wear the right nude lipstick:

As we grow older our lush lips become thinner. So you really don’t want to draw attention at your lips with a striking red lipstick. If your lips are thin, it’s better to wear a nude lipstick that would suit your skin tone and flatter your look, click the link to see how to pick the right nude lipstick for your skin tone