5 Organic Skin Care Brands That Redefined The Beauty Industry Standards

Salma Khattab
11/11/18, 12:00 AM

One of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to ensure long-term health and youthfulness is caring for our skin. Recently, many natural skincare brands showed up with the dedication to become not only good for us, but also good for our planet. These organic skincare products combine essential vitamins and minerals which contribute in restoring our skin without having to expose it to synthetic or toxic chemicals. And because the cruelty-free direction is just as noble, it adds another powerful edge to any natural skin care product. Well, we adore these 5 standout natural skincare brands, and thought we would share with you our best picks. Don't miss out!

1. Urban Ducks


. Natural & Organic Skincare | All-natural & organic
. Eco-Friendly | Organic, hand-harvested ingredients
. Ethical | Cruelty-free, sustain-ably made
. Our Pick | Strawberry Vanilla Shake Natural Lotion
. Price Range | $6–$13

Urban Ducks describe themselves as "a modern flock of ducks that came to expand the natural culture among the busy lifestyle of the city". It's a natural skin care brand whose slogan is "Natural & healthy is now possible". Urban ducks products are made in Egypt. They produce 100% Lotions, Butters, Scrubs, Beard Oils and recently makeup (primers and lipsticks).

2. Lush


. Natural & Organic Skincare | All-natural, organic & Handmade 
. Eco-Friendly | Organic, hand-harvested ingredients
. Ethical | Vegetarian, cruelty-free, sustain-ably made
. Our Pick | Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
. Price Range | $7–$120

Lush is a organic English brand whose products are 100% vegetarian and 80% vegan, made with fresh ingredients, and are also handmade. They follow the ethical buying concept in a unique approach which they call "naked" packaging. In other words, the serve a lot of products without any packaging to minimize waste. In 2012, the brand decided to create the Lush Prize which is worth £250,000. Lush Prize focuses on safety testing for consumer products and complements projects that address alternatives to animal testing for medicines. The prize is awarded for Science, Training, Lobbying, Public Awareness and Young Researchers. It's a smart and motivating way for everyone to join a global conversation about animal testing and give passionate researchers and activists the opportunity to showcase and continue their work. 



. Natural & Organic Skincare | All-natural & organic
. Eco-Friendly | Organic ingredients
. Ethical | Cruelty-free
. Our Pick | Super Hydrating Facial Toner
. Price Range | $50–$101 

After two years of research finding the world's best natural active ingredients to develop for their brand, french brand Pink Beauty has finally come out to share the healthiest cosmetic secrets with us. With a great team of experts, Pink Beauty created a delightful collection of products, developed to activate, protect and balance the skin with the best natural active ingredients in their laboratory in France. They produce 100% natural shower gels, face creams, body lotions and many other products that are rich with organic nourishing ingredients.

4. Nefertari


. Natural & Organic Skincare | All-natural & organic
. Eco-Friendly | Organic, hand-harvested ingredients
. Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free, sustain-ably made
. Our Pick | Aloe Vera cream
. Price Range | $2–$23

Nefertari is an Egyptian 100% natural body care brand that is totally free from any preservatives, coloring agents or artificial fragrances. The brand was created in 1998 by an Egyptian pharmacist, Dr Mona Eryan, after her daughter's scalp was literally burnt from the chemicals of a shampoo. This urged the pharmacist to do her research and find out how she could create a natural shampoo. The name of Nefertari was boosted more in 2012 after opening an online gate for customers. They produce everything that has to do with body care, starting from soaps to oils and even shower towels!

5. Black Lotus


. Natural & Organic Skincare | All-natural & organic 
. Eco-Friendly | Organic, hand-harvested ingredients
. Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free, sustain-ably made
. Our Pick | Tea tree oil
. Price Range | $4–$10

They mainly produce natural oils. However, they have a wide range of soaps, butters, scrubs and sunscreens. They are famous for their tea-tree oil as a magical acne fighter. Although they've only created their brand in 2014, Black Lotus has gained a huge base of loyal customers trusting and recommending their products. 

Main image credits: Instagram @igawysocka


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