Although winter might be your favorite season, you probably feel the burden of the dryness your skin always faces due to the cold weather. Also, you probably already know that moisturizers are the weapons you would always need to fight the dryness problem. Nevertheless, some people still think that their only way out is a fortune to afford skincare products.

Well, because we know how pricey artificial moisturizers are and how they might not be 100% natural or healthy, we're here to tell you that the solution is right on your kitchen shelf or in the nearest food store! Yes, you can actually customize your moisturizer by mixing and matching ingredients from your kitchen or order some ingredients from the supermarket that you never knew would form great moisturizers! Apart from that, you can always save money and at the same time still care for your skin in winter. And because of all these benefits, we've collected five of the best absolutely natural products that will save both your budget and skin during wintertime!

1. Natural oils

Many health food stores offer bottles of pure, natural oils such as grape seed, almond, jojoba and of course coconut oil. Even though their packaging might look quite plain or basic, but they surely don't contain extra chemicals or artificial additives. On contrary, they actually offer the exact moisturizing effects and benefits just like expensive ones. Not only that, but also fabricated moisturizers usually offer less product for what you pay compared to those natural ones. With half or even quarter the price of a high-end product, you can guarantee that there are absolutely zero who-knows-what-they-are chemicals involved in the moisturizer you're using. These oils just actualize the goals of softening your skin and providing it with a protective barrier against wind and cold weather. In addition, they smell really nice without any mysterious artificial "fragrance" that are commonly found in any other chemical moisturizer.

2. Edible remedies

Once more, your kitchen rivals the department store counter when it comes to fighting dry skin. This time is through food that you didn't know will boost your skin's health from both inside and outside. Go fetch your kitchen for the honey jar and look for milk-based products (e.g. yogurt, cream, etc) in your fridge! Try replacing the sugar in your tea with honey. It acts as both an antibacterial and an antioxidant that are essential to boost your immune system and fight off seasonal bugs. When applied onto your body and face, and left on for about ten minutes then showered off, it offers incomparably soft baby-smooth skin. Yogurt is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product that can eliminate itchiness which is usually accompanied by the feeling of tightness when the skin is dry. Just like you applied honey, rub the yogurt in, let it soak in then rinse it off. You can mix and match these edible ingredients along with others such as cream, avocado and oatmeal to create a customized solution according to your own skin's particular needs.

3. Shea butter

If you've been hearing about Shea butter but still don't know what it actually does, then it's time to know what you're missing! This moisturizer goes back to ancient Egypt although it might have gained its popularity just a few years ago. It's mainly a fat extracted from the nut of the Shea tree found primarily in Africa. It's been cropping up in body washes, bath soaks, hand lotions, shampoos and other beauty products for it's great effect in treating dry, sore skin among its other purposes. Shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin since it melts at skin temperature. Not only that, but it also contains vitamin A, which is extremely beneficial when it comes to repairing cracked skin. Make sure you get as pure a version as possible, or one that only has natural additives such as herbs with no artificial fragrance or coloring.

4. Olive oil

If you wish to save even more time, money and effort, I guess no one doesn't have olive oil in their kitchen Grab the nearest bottle to you, and be surprised by its magic not only in terms of moisturizing your skin, but also for how it excellently accounts for hair conditioning! Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe skin redness and some types of outbreaks or rashes. Olive oil is also said to be a perfect protector against skin cancer. This oil is the most affordable, most available and most effective product for skin moisturizing during winter, so you have absolutely no reason to keep your skin dry!

5. Just water!

It's just not possible to talk about skin hydrating and moisturizing without mentioning the importance of the number one, very basic hydrating factor, water. No matter how many treatments you apply, you just can't expect to get the skin you dream of while you still forget to drink enough water. It boosts -if not doubles- the effect of any of the mentioned natural skin treatments since skin hydration starts from inside your body in the first place. Yes, I know you might not feel as thirsty as you do in the summer, but always try to remind yourself to get the water your body needs even if it means that you're going to use sticky-note reminders everywhere at home! Water is also meant to break the dryness of the air in your house if you do place pans of water in strategic locations. These locations could be heating/air vents and radiators.

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