Face Mapping: What Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You about Your Health

Zeinab El-Fiqi
5/17/20, 12:00 AM

I’ve always wondered why do I always get zits and pimples in the same spot on my face, but never really tried to ask. Until one day I was online searching for a natural remedy to clear acne scars and found all the answers to all my acne related questions. Believe it or not, the place of the zit on your face has a lot to say about your health. Let me give you a brief about what your facial breakouts are trying to tell you about your health.

Breakouts on your forehead:

Breakouts on your forehead mean that you probably have digestive problems, liver issues or a poor diet. Food has a high impact on your acne, so you need to focus on what you feed your body. It’s also a sign of stress or sleeping issues, when you don’t get enough sleep you stress your body and soul and it is usually translated into zits on your face.

Breakouts on your temples and eyebrows:

Breakouts between your eyebrows and on them are usually a sign that you have poor blood circulation or gallbladder problems. Again, unhealthy food that contains high percentage of unhealthy fats and processed food cause this kind of acne.  

Breakouts on your nose:

Breakouts on your nose are a sign of constipation, bloating and indigestion. These problems are usually caused by a poor diet you follow. It might also be a sign of poor blood circulation.

Breakouts on your left cheek:

Breakouts on your left cheek are a sign for you to stop overeating, and that there’s something wrong with your stomach. Breakouts on cheeks are also a sign that your cell phone is not clean.

Breakouts on your right cheek:

Now this is very important, breakouts on your right cheek means you have lung problems. If you’re a smoker then you should reconsider this lifestyle. Stress might also be a reason, and last but not least liver issues.

Breakouts on your chin:

Breakouts on your chin area have to do with your hormones, gynecological problems and kidney imbalance.

Breakouts above your upper lip:

Breakouts above your upper lip should make you consider your choice of the type of food you like. Spicy and fried food is one of the mains reasons behind this kind of breakout. Constipation is also a reason behind breakouts above your upper lip.

Breakouts on your ears:

Breakouts on your ears are a sign of kidney issues. 


Zeinab El-Fiqi

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