I got very excited when L'Oréal released their range of Pure Clay Face Masks. Before their release, I used to apply the 'Origins charcoal mask', and I loved it. The only problem is that I could only get it from abroad, so, when I found a clay mask range that is within reach, you can imagine how happy I was.

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Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

I was happy because clay masks have become an essential product in my skincare routine. My pores are really wide, and they easily clog up. So, once a week, at least, I need to extract the dirt and toxins from my pores. So, I got 2 different types of L'Oreal clay masks, tried and tested them!

clay masks benefits - loreal clay masks - best face masks

1. Exfoliate & Refining Face Mask

Before I talk about why I actually like this one, I have to say that its color is light warm pink, so, it would be fun to take selfies wearing it, and scare your mom while she's watching TV. 

I personally love its smell, it makes the process a lot more pleasant. When it comes to what it actually does to my skin, I really like it. I instantly felt the difference, which is what I look for most in masks; an instant result. It is made of red algae, which really helps smooth and refine the skin's appearance. I usually use this one before I have an event coming up, it immediately gives my face a brighter glow and a fresher feel. It also has little exfoliating beads that are very gentle but help remove any excess dead skin when I'm taking it off. 

2. Detox & Brighten Face Mask

When the weather is dusty and polluted, I like to protect my skin, and purify it with clay masks. My skin is very sensitive to pollution, so, the minute I get home, I put on a detox clay mask to quickly counteract the toxins in my pores. Detoxifying clay masks like this grey one from L'Oréal, pulls out from the skin any dirt or environmental toxins sitting in the pores. It also helps with inflammation and it minimizes the appearance of pores. If you want something to clean your skin out immediately and that will give it a fresh base for skincare, I would suggest you try this one, because it always makes my skin feel brand new.

I would suggest with both masks, to moisturize straight afterward, because clay masks can be drying for your skin, and even though you could be looking to extract extra oil from your pores, you still want to keep it hydrated.