The "Ugly Dad Sneakers" trend has been all over the internet and the streets of fashion week. And yes, I understand, they're shocking and hard to accept. It actually took me a while to see how they can be worn with everyday outfits!

The Balenciaga Triple S trainers are among the most popular "Ugly Dad Sneakers." Models, bloggers and fashion fanatics are in love with them and I've got to say, the more you look at them, the more they start looking cool and wearable. That's why I decided to gather some outfit ideas featuring the Balenciaga Triple S shoes to prove my point.

Would you invest in a pair of ugly sneakers? If you would, and you're looking for styling ideas, here are some street style looks I found that are more than convincing of the quirky trend.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @stelouchebabouche and @lissyroddyy