People celebrate new year's differently, the one thing they have in common is that everyone loves to enjoy a special night. The joy of dressing up for new year's, putting on that over-the-top outfit you've been dying to wear and feeling excused to put a ton of glitter of your eyelids is unmatchable. 

New year's eve outfit ideas often consist of embellished tops or dresses and fabulous jewelry, but what about your new year's eve party boots? You'll be dancing all night and doesn't it feel great when you look down and your shoes are a standout?

Yes, we know new year's eve shoes should be comfortable so you'll find below some boots for those of you looking for comfort, as well as, for those of you planning on celebrating the 2019 new year in the streets watching fireworks and you want to do it in style, there are some gorgeous rain boots options. But, I couldn't leave out the thigh high boots, the pointy toed booties and the sparkle.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @littleblackboots