When I was younger, I always use to buy earrings from high street stores that wouldn't last a week before they lost their color, made my ears hurt and all in all rusted, along with any other jewelry piece lying next to it in my drawer. Over the years, my love for earrings and accessories in general lessoned and so did my trust. I mostly wore a gold coin necklace that was passed on to me by my grandma. 

In the past 2 years, however, my obsession with earrings has really gone out of control. I can't stop wearing them and I can't stop buying them. Of course, buying real gold or silver earrings would not satisfy by constant need of change and it would also break the bank. That's when I bought my first pair of gold Mango hoop earrings

I always a bit scared of hoop earrings and was unsure if they suited me. When I saw those ones I fell in love by how unique and different they are, they are very abstract looking but almost in a classic way that you feel like can never go out of style. They looked very similar to the ones below, but these are from Mango's 2019 jewellery collection. They also felt and looked expensive. Most gold jewelry I find in high street stores have a very cheap look to them, and the gold color doesn't look as rich.


I always get a lot of compliments when I have them on and they go with almost any look I'm going for, in summer and even in winter. They don't irritate my ears that much and it's been a year now since I've bought them and they look almost as good as new. The shine is still there and the gold is still pigmented with very little scratches. Those earrings have definitely gave me trust in Mango jewellery, which made me really excited because they really do have beautiful designs. 

Find below some of Mango's latest earrings collection: