Till this day, there is that commonly mistaken thought that wearing a mismatching bag and shoes will ruin your outfit! How many times have you bought your dream boots but you weren't able to put them on just because you don't have a bag of the same color! Well, this fall, fashion trends came and brought these breaking news: It's actually trendy to mix and match bags and footwear of different materials and colors!

However, we can't say that you can wear any boot on any bag you have; there are certain tips from which you should follow at least one in order to stay in style. Check them below.

1. Your bag or shoes should match your pants. In other words, if your pants are black, pick a black pair of shoes/boots with a bag of a different color but that will still be in harmony with the whole color scheme e.g. grey, white, maroon.

2. Make one of them be of an accent color. This is best done when the whole outfit is of pale hues (e.g. grey shades), and then you pick a red/maroon/green bag while staying on the safe side with the boots, and vice versa.

3. Pick close shades for both pieces. That means you can wear your favorite light grey bag with the off-white pair of heels that you've always wondered how to wear!

4. Go wild with both. In this case, you have to first make sure your outfit is very basic and of basic colors as well. For instance, a white dress will always match a red bag with camel ankle boots.

5. Match your bag with your scarf, and pick a different pair of footwear! For example, if you wear a scarf with yellow strips, match it with the yellow bag you've been longing to wear. Then, try to pick a basic color for your boots and vice versa.

Now, scroll through the images and see how fashion bloggers are mismatching their bags and shoes in the best way possible this fall.

Main Image Credits by order: dunelondon.com, chicwish.com, inspocafe.tumblr.com