Ramadan series trailers are out and everyone in the fashion world is aching in anticipation to see what our favorite stars are going to be styling this season. We took a look at the trailers and caught sneak peaks of the actresses outfits, their hair and makeup looks, and it's safe to say that they'll be rocking. 

So far we can't help but notice the late 50's to 60's theme going on. The series set out in the good old days had some of the gorgeous actresses in classic golden cinema age looks, and we're excited to see so much more.

1. Starting off with the beautiful Amina Khalil, she's taking us back years with her show Eugenie Nights. 

Her glamorous Hollywood waves and updos are already getting us inspired to take our next ball gown look and an extra step towards classic. 

Her costar Carmen Bsaibes, actress, and model, has never looked better in a 40's attire. 

2. Ekhtfaa is this year's Nelly Karim dark drama. She also takes us back to what we think is the 60's. The show isn't fully set in the past but a large part of it is, and for it, Nelly sported a new lighter and shorter haircut along with floral classic dresses. We also got a sneak peak of a potential wedding dress.


Alongside Nelly Karim, in the show is long time no see actress Basma. We missed her effortless easy beauty and simple looks, and in this show is still not far from that.

3. The timeless, endless beauty Yousra is once again starring in a drama Ladina Aqwal Okhra alongside model and actress Salma Abu Deif. Here we got a sneak peak of the glamour of Salma in a wedding dress.


Sherine Reda is also taking part in this series and of course looking as beautiful and fierce as ever.

4. Ghada Abdel Razek stunned everyone in her Ramadan series Ded Maghool. She rocked a pixie haircut and cat eye glasses. 

4. Another pixie cut was shown in the series B El-Hagm Al-E'ayili by Yosra El Lozy. Her new haircut moved to the Ramadan screens and we can't wait to see how she's going to style it.