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Dress up as a Couple in Subtle Chic Way like Meghan and Harry

Farida Abdel Malek
5/19/19, 12:00 AM

It's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first wedding anniversary.  It seems like yesterday we were sitting glued to our TV with our laptops on our laps covering the most exciting royal event of the year. In the past 2 years Meghan and Harry have travelled a lot and attended events all over the world. Usually the spotlight is on Meghan, when it comes to fashion but in celebration of their anniversary and elegant looks together as a couple, we wanted to bring your attention something you might not have noticed before. Something that will help you out, a lot. 

Dressing up as a couple is always associated with being too cheesy, matchy matchy and cliché. Now there is nothing wrong with the traditional matching couple look and if that's your thing then by all means rock it and flaunt, but a lot of people look for more subtle approaches. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry coordinate their outfits but in a very subtle and chic way. You can barely see where they match, but as a whole their outfits look great together and it's all about the little things that fit well together and make their style coordination perfect. 

If you're looking to coordinate with your partner but in a subtle, chic way, I've noticed some things about Harry and Meghan's looks which allow their outfits to look this chic and classily coordinated. 

- The colors they wear compliment each other. They sometimes both go for deep navy or nudes, but even when they don't and even when they wear clashing colors, they sometimes wear shades that really flatter or compliment each other. So either wear outfits from the same color family or go for opposites but for opposites that will attract.


- Go for a theme or vibe together. For example, what look are you both going for? Comfortable chic? French Riviera? Once you find a theme, you don't have to worry about matching, you will dress differently, but look harmonious because you're both going for the same aesthetic. Try to also go for a similar fit (like the coat length or collar shape), which we think is why Harry and Meghan's looks are always on point. 


- In black tie Meghan and Harry have often avoided coordinating all together. In some formal events sometimes it's best to avoid matching too much, if you don't want the 'cliché' look. Subtly add hints of coordination through little things. For example, don't wear clashing colors and dress from the same style family.


Check out below more Meghan and Harry's couple style:


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