Zara fans in Egypt assemble and get excited! Now you can shop for your favorite items online without having to stand in line at a store...Yes, we're finally getting a Zara online store in Egypt

Zara finally opened its virtual doors in Egypt through their newly launched online store to make the shopping process easier for Egyptians especially as Eid approaches and stores get insanely crowded.

Most of us already know the sizes we wear from Zara, so shopping online won't be that hard. The available items will be the same as the ones at stores. You will be able to shop from all sections; men, women, kids and for everything starting from clothes, shoes, to accessories.

They offer different payment options including cards or cash on delivery. So it's going to be easy if you want to pick up your order from the nearest Zara store or have it delivered to your home.

We're so excited about this step towards online shopping and looking for something quick to pack for Eid is going to be a little easier this year. 

Main Image Credits: Zara