You know that awkward time when you know it’s been winter for too long, however, it’s not yet the right weather for those beautiful floral spring and summer dresses that you see all over the stores and on Instagram? You’re anxiously waiting for spring to bloom, but the weather seems to be as confused as you are.

Well, while we sit and wait for sundress season, I may have the easiest tips for you to ease yourself out of the gloomy dark winter wardrobe to a lighter more fun one.

Accenting a rather classic or simple outfit with a pop of color and accessories is my go-to trick when I’m in a style rut. There are so many ways you can object color into your look, and here is an example of a few...

1. Handbags

I know the most popular direction when it comes to handbag shopping is to invest in classic basic colors. For me, it’s always been the other way round. I love buying bags in bright colors because I know that will excite me to keep wearing them, and styling them. It also means that on a lazy white t-shirt plus jeans, they will effortlessly spice up the look.

The beauty of monochromatic prints, is that nearly any color will give the whole look a new life.


2. Earrings

The big statement earrings trend still continuing through this year’s spring and summer, they are everywhere! You can also rummage through your mum’s old collection, because, they were for sure big fans of bright colors in the 80s!

With an all plain dress, plain white button down and denim, or again abusing the polka dots trend, statement earrings will for sure do the trick. 

3. Scarves

Time for those chunky winter scarves to move aside, and get creative with the little square ones. There are so many ways you can style a square scarf, from tying it around your neck, to wearing it in your hair like a headband, or around your wrist. You can also tie it to the strap of your bag, and if it’s big enough you can even wear it as a top!


4. Headbands

Are you already thinking Blair Waldorf like I do when I think of headbands? They are not only a good way of adding color, but also, they are brilliant for bad hair days! It can also be great in helping you tie items of an outfit/ or accessories together.

A few more tips and tricks to add a pop of color to your look:

1. That ‘pop’ of color does not just have to be bright hues, you can also add blush accents to a monochromatic look, or lilac shoes to an all-white dress.

2. It doesn’t have to be accessories, it can be an item of clothing like a blazer, the shirt on your jeans, or even the skirt on your plain shirt.

3. Don’t forget, you can also replace your brown/ black belt with a brighter color! Also, shoes and necklaces are brilliant ways of adding color!

4. If your pop of color is in accessories, try to keep a maximum of two statements at a time, unless you’re all about breaking rules, then, of course, do whatever makes you feel happy! Like I did here, but also the headband is not too loud.