Summer 2017 is really hot, and it's making it really challenging for girls with hijab to dress in the hot weather.  What you really should consider during the heat is how you’ll layer your clothes. Let me give you a hand, with these hijab styling tips you will look absolutely FABULOUS in the hot weather.

Pick a light fabric for the headscarf:

- The key to comfort for every girl wearing a hijab is her scarf. Cottons are perfect for the hot weather. 

- When you pick your scarf, try to pick a light cotton material. Most of the grand stores now have scarves with many beautiful patterns and shapes, so you won’t face any trouble finding them. If their size is too large you can always resize it.

Cotton like pants and light Jeans:

- I know your jeans are irreplaceable, but during the hot weather it may not be the best choice. Jeans can get sticky and you might get cranky from the feeling. But if you have to, then I advise you to choose lighter jeans. 

- Lighter and stretchy in texture jeans will help you move easily, and lighter in color will help keep you cool and won’t absorb the sunrays.

- As for pants, pick a pair with a nice wide leg cut and cotton like fabric. Wide legs and flares are so in, and they’re super comfy.

Long cotton dresses and skirts:

- I am so pro dresses and skirts! They’re perfect for the hot weather, they look so feminine and you can style them in many ways. When wearing a jacket over a dress, be sure to go for a sleeveless dress. You need to always consider the layering, and you need to layer smartly. 

- Kimonos, long and short would go perfectly with a cotton slightly tight dress. On the other hand, chiffon dresses would require a more stiff and shorter jacket or a nice open short shirt.  

- Skirts are super easy to wear in the hot weather. You don’t need to layer as much as you do when wearing a dress. You just need a nice shirt, a nice belt, and you’re set to go.

- Don’t forget to layer your necklaces and to stack up your rings for a boho chic look on night out in your super trendy and super comfy hijab.