Striped pants are gorgeous but some women find them hard to style. But the truth is that striped pants actually go with almost everything in your wardrobe, specially the vertically striped ones - they're so practical, flattering to curvy bodies, and they're definitely a chic choice. So, how can you wear them differently every time you go out? I have the answer right here, so keep on reading, and start taking notes!

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Here are ideas on what to wear with striped pants:

1. Stripes on stripes

Yes, you can wear stripes on stripes, and they don't have to match each other. They can be of a different perspective, different colors, and even different sizes.


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2. Denim cropped tops on striped denim pants.

We love how Yasmine Kenawi styled her denim striped pants with a denim cropped top, we think it's a great beach look.

Instagram: @yasminekenawi

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3. Graphic t-shirts on striped pants

Mixing two major fashion trends is genius, wear your favorite graphic t-shirt over striped pants, and make them pop with a colorful pair of shoes or a bag!

Instagram: @happilygrey

4. Colorful striped pants.

Colorful striped pants are not hard to style! Easy, just pick a color from your pants' color combination, to match your top with them. And enjoy a different look every time you go out.

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Instagram: @joandkemp

5. Bright, colorful tops on striped pants.

One of the easy ways to style striped pants is to complement them with a bright and colorful top like the one in the picture below!

6. Floral tops on striped pants.

I love to mix and match different prints together, and the best combination is a colorful floral top over black and white striped pants!

7. A cute white top with striped pants.

This is the easiest way to nail the striped pants look, wear a a plain white top, and pick an interesting style, like the off-shoulder top Lovely Pepa wore, and you're ready to go.


Instagram: @lovelypepa

Main Image Credits: Elle Via Pinterest