Nothing compares to walking the streets in a nice pair of blue denim jeans, it’s the definition of modernity if you know what I mean.

Over the years I have had a love-hate relationship with most of the jeans I wore, and I wore a lot. It is simple, I loved the jeans but I hated how they felt most of the time. So after many years of not giving up on the idea that I must find the perfect fair, I came to the conclusion that all jeans look good, but good jeans feel good! and I shall find good jeans.

This year culotte Jeans had a strong comeback from the seventies and since I wasn’t alive back then, I thought it’s a good chance to live the experience. So, I decided to purchase Zara’s mid-rise culotte jeans in navy blue and let me tell you that my money didn’t go to waste.

For a pear shaped body and a slightly over-weight girl like myself, finding the right pair of jeans that fit was always a problem, but when I tried these culotte jeans, I really satisfied with how they fit me. Moving on to the fabric, the minute I put them on I couldn’t ignore how comfortable they felt for a pair of jeans, and with the deep navy blue color, it was impossible to resist buying.


After wearing it for a quiet while now I can say that it gets even softer and more comfortable with time, and the best part is that I wear it on the hottest summer days and I never feel irritated at all. In addition to that, they can be worn with many different tops and shirts and give you that instant effortless, casual look.

I can say that Zara successfully managed to make an affordable and reliable pair of jeans and since I am very aware of how rare it is to find good jeans according to my standards, this one is definitely a keeper.

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