Oh9 is an online maternity shop that caters to maternity fashion needs from swimsuits to cocktail dresses. Zeynab El-helw is pregnant and is celebrating with a wonderful collaboration with Oh9. She created a line with them called Peek Oh Baby.


The Collection

The concept behind peekohbabyxoh9shop is to cater to women looking for "stylish, key pieces" for their maternity wardrobe, inspired by Fashion Pirate herself and her own wardrobe. These are pieces that are made with an emphasis on having them be something you can wear during pregnancy, as well as after pregnancy. The collection is diverse and targets different styles as well as offering pieces for different kinds of occasions.



Having cosy, comfy pieces is an important part of the collection, so much so, that they have these cute satin PJs.



A lot of the items are loose and provide comfortable breathing space for your baby bump. However, loose outfits are really in right now. So, you're in luck, you can still rock these after pregnancy. 



The collection is inspired by a lot of prints. A lot of different kinds of prints. Which is also a huge trend this year. So you can try out something different and add a printed piece to your maternity wardrobe.