This season, New York Fashion Week decided to surprise us in its spring 2019 collection. More than one element was a factor in popping out trends this time, leaving us astonished among diverse colors, patterns, fabrics, cuts and overall designs.

First of all, Neon colors as well as popping bright colors took over this fashion week. Yellows, greens, reds and others were the main elements highlighting the runway. Not only that, but also mixing unexpected matches was another trend during New York Fashion Week, making you want to see more pinks on reds, and purples on greens! That mood was so clear in what Prabal Gurung and Brandon Maxwell presented on the runway.

Then, patterns arrived in what Kate Spade, Naeem Khan & Micheal Kors had to offer during the event. Again, patters we always claimed as non-matching are seen in an '80s mood mixture all together. Not to mention that bright colors were again the thing this time with patterns. In some other times, we could find careaux patterns in black and white, yet a -literally red line intersects the design.

Loose cuts were something that couldn't just be ignored in all the shows. All the '80s trends clearly showed through the designs especially when we saw tailleurs and suits allover the event. Carolina Herrera aced that thought, bombing the runways with nostalgic different formal suits in more than one print and geometry.

Extravagant shoulder pads, loose sleeves & excessive raffles marked the event in various colors. That was so obvious in Marc Jacobs designs. Raffles were in different sizes and shapes and they embraced the designs. Playing with loose sleeves was another key to uniqueness in this seasons New York Fashion Week.

You might think that only bright popping colors were the thing in this event. On contrary, candy and pastel colors were the card that Marc Jacobs decided to play with. However, earth colors were Tom Ford & Zimmermann's choice in most of their designs. Mixing leather fabrics with these shades along with adding white, made a whole new level of uniqueness.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marcjacobs