''Where geometric symmetry and floral artistry are weaved together to create pieces embedded with delicate touches of refined modernity. Whether discovering the maison's classic, strapless, sweetheart necklines, long-sleeve, plunging V-necks, off-the-shoulder cuts or the fresh and youthful halter necks, the gowns feature an array of luxurious fabrics finely crafted into opulent styles.''

This description is by the Elie Saab Bridal Instagram account that was posted on their stories, announcing the new bridal Fall 2019 collection. It is very beautifully worded and wraps up what the collection is all about, but I thought I would be a little intruder and also describe it through my eyes for you.

They named it 'Ethereal Symmetry' and there couldn't be a more fitting title. Looking through the collection your eyes capture the flow and movement of the beautiful dresses that Elie Saab somehow masterfully paired with figure hugging, structured fits.

 As we predicted, because of his most recent runway shows, Elie Saab used his classic, elegant, thin belt for his brides to complement the waists. Most of the dresses were detailed with intricate and diverse floral designs or floral inspired patterns. A lot of the gowns were also very simple without a lot of poofiness so the drama was brought in beautifully and subtly by the veils.

Yes, the veils are very simple but the drama comes in the length and magnitude. Very sheer, flowy and delicate tulle veils covered the brides from top to bottom. My favorite thing is how the veils look like they are a part of the dress, it almost seems like there is no separation between them and you can't point out where the veil ends and begins, especially with the pieces where the dress design continues onto the veil and all the way to the headpieces, all harmoniously.

I can't help but get really excited to see how these incredibly flattering dresses can suit a lot of women because of their simplicity and celebration of femininity. Looking at them, they feel wearable, real and a dream translated into reality.

All Image Credits: Elie Saab