To everyone's surprise, singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab announced her marriage to singer Hossam Habib on social media. The wedding was a small gathering for only family and friends. The two singers were very close friends since they worked together on the song, "Kol Ma Aghany" and it sparked romance rumors after its release. Their marriage was officially announced through Sherine's instagram.

Even though Sherine didn't give away details about her wedding looks, we found out who's behind her lovely makeup, one of her dresses -she wore two at the wedding- and her daughters' dresses too.

Recently, everyone has been favoring the big statement gowns, but Sherine chose to go simple on her wedding day with a white soft chiffon dress to fit with the theme of a small cozy wedding at her home.


As for the second look, Sherine went for a patterned bright dress that perfectly suits springtime. She wore this ALEXIS dress for the wedding reception. The dress is around 700 dollars as found on the online store shopbop.

Her makeup was done by makeup artist Dani Kamel. He posted a video of Sherine's makeup before the wedding on his Instagram account to give us a glimpse of her makeup look and dress while giving his congrats. The makeup was very soft with classy nude tones and the addition of some definition to compliment her eye shape.

As for her hair, it was by the hairstylist Sami Idriss from Tony El Mendelek's Salon. Her hair was again soft flattering the simplicity of the dress, with light waves topped with an elegant pearl tiara, which she took off for the second look.

Sherine's daughters also joined in on the spring theme with floral chiffon Dolce & Gabbana dresses. Actress Elham Shahin's dress was also Dolce & Gabbana. Other celebrities who attended the wedding were actresses Laila Elwi and Menna Shalabi.