You spend hours, even days and weeks thinking about your dream wedding dress, and thinking about that special moment when you finally get to wear it. Right? Maybe you haven't ever thought that you can part with your wedding dress, but this inspiring young Egyptian woman actually did, and for a very good cause!

We had a little chat with our dear newlywed, whose name has been omitted based on her request to stay anonymous, and she told us how she took one of the hardest decisions of her give away her precious wedding dress for charity.

Tell us what brought the idea of giving away your wedding dress to your mind?

It's something that I've always thought about; I considered it a good deed to start my new life with. Actually, when I started planning my wedding, and saw how expensive everything is now, I decided to go through with it. Not everyone can afford buying a new dress, and I felt like I should help since I had the chance to.

A wedding dress is very precious to every woman's heart. How do you feel after donating it?

I feel like I made the right choice, at the end of the day it's a dress that I wasn't going to wear again. And I know that I made someone happy by giving it away for charity. It wasn't an easy decision of course, but in a way, I felt like I'm paying it forward, and hopefully whoever took it will think the same way.

Would you encourage other women to do it? What would you tell them?

Definitely, anyone who tried a wedding dress before knows how hard it is to put it on, and knows the hassle of putting it back in its cover. On my wedding day, I needed three people to help me wear my dress! So basically, it's just a souvenir that's going to stay in the back of your closet. Instead of just keeping it there, you can make someone really happy by giving it away.

We all know how special a wedding dress is, but some people can't even afford renting one. You had your big day, and chose the dress you wanted, yet not everyone has this luxury. By giving away something you will never wear again, you're going to make someone feel as special as you did on your wedding day. You can even sell it for a lower price if you don't want to give it away for free. And whenever you want to see your dress again, you'll always have the pictures.