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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

25 Good Things You Can Do, Because the World Needs More Kindness!

Our current days are definitely one of the hardest times for humanity, with so many people suffering in the world right now! We need love, compassion and kindness more than ever, because change can happen with the little good things we can do in our communities. If you think about it, every good deed you do will return to you one way or another. So to help the world become a better place, here are 25 good things you can do, because the world needs more kindness!

1. Be kind to your own parents and family, they need it the most!

2. Call your grandparents and pay them a visit regularly, they miss you a lot.

3. Be patient with older people when they ask you questions about technology.

4. Be kind to the unkind, it might change their heart someday.

5. If you offer any kind of a service as a job, why not offer your services for free for someone who can’t pay for your services every once in a while?

6. Dedicate some of your time to teach a child who can’t go to school to read and write.

7. Pay regular visits to orphanages, elderly centers, and refugee camps and engage in activities to make them feel wanted and happy again.

8. Smile more often to random people, you’ll feel better and you might make them feel better too!

9. Make a pledge to say only good words to people about themselves, and restrain from any negative comments!

10. Give away food to the homeless.

11. Make your children clean and fix their unused toys to give it away to the less fortunate.

12. Talk to your children about the importance of kind words and the dangers of bullying.

13. Instead of buying a new puppy, adopt an abandoned pet.

14. Clean your unused clothes to give it away to the less fortunate.

15. Buy college books or donate your old college books to a student.

16. Instead of throwing away a broken chair, fix it and give it away to someone in need.

17. Help a friend without them asking.

18. Plant flowers in your balcony and watch them grow.

19. Help someone having a bad day to smile.

20. Clean your door step, collect trash from the sideways and help the neighborhood stay clean.

21. Help a couple trying to get married financially.

22. Collect money from your friends to help someone buy a gadget they need at home and can’t afford.

23. Visit cancer patients and engage in activities to help them feel better after chemotherapies.

24. If someone is being rude to you, give them the benefit of the doubt that they might be going through a hard time. Leave them alone, instead of thinking of a rude reply.

25. Collect money every month from your colleagues at work to give it away to a different charity every month.  

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