5 Easy Yet Elegant Napkin Folding Ideas to Impress Your Guests

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8/7/19, 12:00 AM

Having guests over is always fun and as much as you all have fun together, preparing a meal for everyone and setting the table can be quite a hassle. One of the very simple things you can do for a chic and simple looking table setting, is folding napkins in nice shapes that would instantly elevate your dinner table decoration. We've already shown you how to fold your napkin into a bread basket and today we bring you this video on how to fold napkins in 5 different ways to pick from. All you'll need before starting is some cute napkins -preferably plain- and a clothing iron.

1. Standing Napkin Folding


This is a very basic and easy napkin folding idea but you need to make sure that the napkin you are using is made of stiff fabric. It shouldn't be too slippery or soft so that it stays standing and doesn't loose shape until the guests are seated.

2. Name Card Napkin Folding


If you've invited over many guests and want everything to be more organized and official, you can use this napkin folding idea to insert name cards in it, to mark where everyone should sit. It'll make dinner arrangements and seating much easier.

3. Leaf Napkin Folding


Another idea you can go for is this leaf-shaped napkin idea. Use it when you are setting the table with larger plates since it needs a bit more space than the previous folding ideas. Rectangular napkins are also better to use here rather than square ones.

4. Pocket Napkin Folding


This type of napkin folding creates a pocket that you can easily slip in anything you like, from a flower stem to the fork & knife your guests will be using in their meal. It might look hard to replicate but it's actually pretty easy to do. Just watch the video and you'll see for yourself how to fold your napkin in a similar shape.

5. Utensil Holder Napkin Folding


Another version of the napkins that can hold utensils or anything else of your choosing. Avoid using very soft or very stiff fabric for this one, but try to find a napkin that can be easily shaped with the iron without leaving crease marks on it. We used a satin napkin that isn't too slippery to do the job and it worked perfectly.

Check out the video for these 5 napkin folding tutorials and choose the one that fits the occasion best.


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