Full Recap: Fashion Forward Season 4 - Day 3

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10/19/14, 12:00 AM


We truly enjoy Bashar Assaf’s minimalistic approach, he makes things seem so simple even though a lot of hard work goes behind them. No complications, which is exactly refreshing! Bashar Assaf showcased clean cuts with great quality fabrics at Fashion Forward’s fourth season. We weren’t surprised to find out that his inspiration was “too perfect for this world”, seeing the collection it made lots of sense, especially that it gives you that soothing feeling. One of our favorite bits about the show were the classy prints, which made a subtle statement. All in all Bashar Assaf’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection has that “I’m too cool to care” vibe to it.


Lamia Asudari had quite a wide variety of styles to showcase at Fashion Forward. No, we don’t mean many different inspirations that were all over the place, but rather many styles and cuts enabling any woman to pick what fits her best. We fell in love with the digital prints and illustrations, they were very interesting and we’d love to see more designers doing their own fabric to get such a unique outcome that speaks out their inspiration. Asudari’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was very playful, full of bows and ribbons, but make no mistake that it’s aimed towards the girly girl, it’s more for the edgy woman who enjoys colors and rich details.


Let’s focus first on what we loved about Madiyah Al Sharqi’s collection, the light colors, flowy and flirty designs, outstanding fabrics and of course the embroidery. No one can deny how pretty her designs were. The way Madiyah Al Sharqi does layering is very interesting, as you wouldn’t normally expect these combinations seen together. Our favorite bit? The elegant off the shoulder pieces! The important question remains, why did it feel like a deja vu, as if we were watching last year’s collection? Yes, both collections are extremely beautiful, but it would be hard to tell them apart. We’d love to see less of the comfort zone, even though we’re well aware that each designer has a signature style, but as they go they need to add to it.


Let’s start off by saying that Ava Hashemi of Hâshé is a very artistic person. How do we know? Well, it’s obvious from her show! Her inspiration behind the collection was the mirror works on the ceiling of her grandparents’ house. Even though that wasn’t very clear to us, but you could definitely see that the designs were following one theme. Structured pieces and vibrant colors, not to mention shades that go together really well and some pretty interesting head pieces; yes, that pretty much summarizes Hâshé’s show at Fashion Forward.


The designer took a simplistic approach with her Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Dima Ayad’s designs witnessed some untraditional color combinations mixed together, which worked out really well for most of the designs. The question is, would the clothes work with most of the body shapes? Some of the pieces weren’t really suitable for short or curvy women. We have to say we see her voluminous skirts as a staple piece for the upcoming summer season. Lastly, we really liked Dima Ayad’s designs that included prints, they were certainly amazing.


The show started off with the same basic color, nude, and a variation of designs using it. Things then started to get more colorful as the show moved on to introduce many outstanding prints. We loved the flowery prints and the ones mixing blues and greens, it’s always a hit seeing them together not to mention they give off that cheerful vibe. You could tell the fabrics used was of great quality; silk, chiffon and tulle.


When a dramatic sci-fi movie meets a romantic love story, that’s when you get Amato by Furne One’s show at Fashion Forward. We knew what the inspiration was going to be before walking into the show and honestly the way it was executed exceeded our expectations and it gave us goosebumps. White was the dominant color within Amato by Furne One’s futuristic looks. Many different textures were used such as lace, tulle, linens, ribbons and ceramics. Attention to details is crucial for Amato by Furne One, from the short movie showcased right before the show, the music, light, the way the models walked, makeup, hair, overdoing it with the statement accessories to bring an idea to life and lastly the dramatic designs. Having referred to them as dramatic would make you think that they’re not wearable, but they actually are, most of them at least. The details of every piece were amazing!

What else did we miss? Oh yes, there was a flying model, but let’s not make a big deal out of it. This is what we call a show with a story, not one boring minute.

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Image Credits: Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson of Getty Images


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