How to Make DIY Blackhead Nose Strips at Home

Jasmine Kamal
5/11/20, 12:00 AM

Do you struggle with annoying nose blackheads? If yes, then you must have tried pore strips. If you need to keep using them weekly, it can be a little hard on the wallet, so why not try to make DIY pore strips at home? Since we're all about natural ingredients these days, we thought we'd show you how to make homemade DIY blackhead nose strips...

Last week we showed you how to make a DIY lip scrub!

So, here's how to make nose strips at home:

Another fast and effective homemade recipe to remove annoying blackheads...

DIY blackhead nose strips ingredients:

- 1 Tbsp gelatin

- 3 Tbsp boiling water

- 1 tsp activated charcoal

- 1 tsp tea tree oil 


1. You can find gelatin at the Attar, as well as the charcoal.

2. Gelatin solidifies quickly, so you need to dissolve it in boiling water and use it immediately.

3. If your skin gets a little red afterwards, go over it with ice and it will help soothe it down.


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