If you're looking for DIY creative ways to decorate Easter eggs, then you're in the right place! Decorating Easter eggs is one of the fun spring-related habits, and this year we'll let you try some new ways. Plan activities with your kids or even your friends, and try one of these DIY creative ways to decorate Easter eggs, they're bound to leave you with a smile on your face.

1. Decorate Easters eggs using paper cutouts.
You can cut colored paper into different shapes, for example, flowers or bunnies. Glue the shapes to the eggs after they're colored.

2. Decorate Easter eggs using glitter.
This is a very easy way to creatively decorate Easter eggs, all you need is some glitter and glue. Apply glue all over the eggs, and then submerge them in a small bowl full of glitter until they're fully covered. Leave them to dry and then they're ready!

3. Decorate Easter eggs using black marker.
If you're looking for unusual ways to decorate Easter eggs, you can use a black marker to create shapes, for example a mustache.

4. Decorate Easter eggs using lace trims.
Cover the eggs using lace trims and then submerge them in a container with water colors. Take them out and when they're dry, take off the lace trims, you will end with a lace-effect print on the eggs.

5. Decorate Easter eggs using threads.
Try out a new technique and decorate your Easter eggs using colored threads. Apply glue bit by bit and slowly roll the the thread around the egg as you go.

6. Decorate Easter eggs with the polka dot print.
Your Easter eggs can be fashionable too! Using coloring pens, draw polka dots all over the eggs. You can also use nail polish!

7. Decorate Easter eggs using a simple printing technique.
Another idea to decorate the Easter eggs, is to try a simple printing technique. Get a few paper leaves, place them on the eggs, then put each egg in a sock that's tightly secured. Submerge the socks with the eggs in a container with water colors. When you take them out and they're dry, a leaf-print will be transferred on each egg.

8. Decorate Easter eggs as gifts.
Just like you wrap gifts, use colored ribbons to wrap the eggs and finish it off with a bow.

9. Decorate Easter eggs using the eggshell.
Color the eggs and then peel the eggshell, smash it into small pieces and then stick them again using cheese. It will look like a mosaic piece of art!

10. Decorate Easter eggs as cartoon characters.
Pick your kids' favorite cartoon characters and draw them on the Easter eggs.

11. Decorate Easter eggs as chicks.
Use feathers and paper cutouts to make your Easter eggs look like cute baby chicks.

12. Decorate Easter eggs by turning them into flower vases.
Turn your eggs into tiny flower vases by creating a hole in the top of the eggshell, then empty the egg white and yolk. Wash the eggshells gently and then place some flowers inside!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marzena.marideko