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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Make Your Parents' Home Decor Your Own with These Easy Bedroom DIYs

We are born into our parents' home and more often than not we have little say in their choice in decor and furniture. When you're young you tend to have minimal control and financial access to redecorating. All you can do is add touches of your personality into your bedroom to make it feel like it's your space and sanctuary. Here's when the beauty of DIY comes in... The following DIY ideas will help give you the ideas you need to amp up your bedroom into your own aesthetic with very little spending and very little effort.

1. Make your to do's decor.

Your organizational tools, notes and to do lists don't have to be boring or jotted down on a piece of paper. Take the chance to make them into decor, like the examples below, cheap, easy DIY like framed notes with cute wallpaper, or a metal grid with your crafts and papers thrown on it.


2. It's in the little things.

Having personalized small DIYs in your bedroom will make it your own, cozy space. Hang up a big cloth with a print that means something to you. Do the old rope and peg picture album, like the first picture below. The mason jar and fairy lights DIY is so easy and so charming.


3. Make it your own little sanctuary.

Your room should translate your personality, not your parents' (through the furniture they picked 10 years ago). If you can't buy new furniture, make it your own by adding greenery and small touches of your personality here and there, until it starts to feel like home. Like turning a boring couch into a cozy reading nook or turning your bed area into a bohemian tent-inspired relaxing space. It can be as simple as hanging up an intricate piece of cloth.


4. The bedside table alternatives.

Bulky bedside tables are our parents' favorites and don't get me wrong, I love them and they're good for storage but in some spaces, they're unnecessary and space consuming. Switch them up with hanging shelves or transform a drawer into 2 in 1 bookend and bulb nook.


You can even buy or make these cloth bed hangers with slots for all your bedtime essentials. 


5. Hang them.

Hanging up things is a brilliant way to save space and storage when you have a small room. Try taking it into a whole new level with chic and practical DIYs like these. The two in one hanger is brilliant for closet space. Imagin how easy it is to stick a stone on a nail in image 3. The floating shelf is gorgeous and a lot easier than you think, check out our article here on how to do it.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @dormify

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