It’s summertime, and everybody loves to wear stud earrings! In fact, stud earrings are the most convenient earrings to wear at the beach and those fun summer outings; they’re small and practical, and they definitely look simple and chic.

Looking around for a special pair of stud earrings? Why not make them yourself! Spend some time on a fun DIY project, and make your own stud earrings. Here are the simple steps you should follow...

Materials you need to make stud earrings:

-  2 x earring posts

-  2 x pieces of ornaments/beads/semi-precious stones/buttons

-  Craft glue

How to make stud earrings?

1. Earring posts have a flat side, so you can glue the piece of your choice on it.

2. Hold the accessory you chose to design your own stud earrings, and glue it to the flat side of the earring post. Hold it until it sticks well, and then let it dry for a day before you start using it.

You can go creative and use any type of ornaments to create your desired design. Scroll down to see some ideas to get inspired to DIY your very own pair of stud earrings.