Lately I've been crushing on pearls a lot, and I want to integrate them into my outfit in anyway possible. Now I know a pearl glasses chain may seem like something your grandmother should wear, but hey, if Whitney Port can make it work, why can't we try? So if you are a pearl lover like me, here is how you can DIY pearl glasses chain:

What you will need:

- Pearls

- String

- Rubber attachments (found in eyeglasses store)


1. First measure how long you want the chain to be around your neck. 

2. Place the string around your neck, and cut according to how long you will want it. 

3. Next, tie one end of the string to one of the rubber attachments. 

4. Add the pearls to the string, piling up the pearls onto the string till the very end. 

5. Knot the end of the string to the second rubber attachment. 

6. Hook the rubber attachments to the handles of the glasses. 

Voila, channel your inner Whitney Port and rock those pearls. 

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