Happy New Year! No matter how and where you're celebrating this year, take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back for powering through this year, you deserve a nice night of celebration. Over the years, new year's house parties have become more and more popular, people like to be surrounded  by the people they love, celebrating their own way.

If you're hosting a new year's eve party this year or helping a friend with the decorations, here's an easy DIY to help you out. Of course, assuming there's going to be some music being played, how about knowing how to make a disco ball for your party. It's so easy and versatile; you can make disco balls in any size you want and get creative with the decorations. Here's how you can make one, and below are some out of the box disco ball decorating ideas

You will need:

- CDs

- Styrofoam ball (Size depending on your preference)

- Sharp scissors

- Glue gun

- Hook or String


1. Shatter the CDs or preferably cut them into small squares for a more even look.

2. Stick a hook into the styrofoam ball or secure a string by gluing it firmly. (If you're not going to hang your disco ball, skip this step)

3. Glue the cut up CD square pieces starting from the center outwards. 

4. Continue to do so until all the styrofoam is covered. 

DIY Credits: Good Home DIY

Main Image Credits: Aww Sam