So I got inspired by the 10 things to try series, and decided to do something out of the box when I hit the beach. I decided to try a canoe ride! How did I get that idea? I saw a couple of people carry their canoe and make their way to the beach looking extremely excited. That day though, the beach waves were quite high, and the water was freezing, so I thought for sure they were going to plunge into the cold water. But anyway, they rode the canoe and disappeared into the sea, suffice to say, they did not fall off, and it looked quite easy really. So I thought, if they can do it, I can do it. Well that was definitely an ignorant moment of mine, because a canoe ride is not as simple as it looks. You need to manage the balance, the paddling, the rotation, and factor in the waves. First of all, paddling is not easy, you watch the people just put the paddle in the water, lift, and repeat on the other side. However when you put the peddle in the water, you need to take into consideration not to drop it too deep, and push at a certian angle for the canoe to move in the direction you want. Did I mention you need to coordiante all that with the person riding with you? So there were a bunch of screaming scenarios happening, "LEFT....LEFT...I SAID LEFT!!!" 

Once you get the hang of it though, it is a super fun experience that I highly recommend everyone to try. It's also kind of a bonding experience, you know stuck in the middle of the sea with no one but your paddle and the person sitting in the canoe with you. I will say this though, be careful not to try riding the canoe as your surrounded by kids on their huge jet skies trying to race, jump, or even flip it, because you know that is what the cool people do. 

Oh and you WILL get soaked, so be sure you are wearing your swimsuit! 

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