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My Experience With Detox Water

Nada Allam
2/19/14, 12:00 AM

I won't say I am a healthy freak, but I do try my best from time to time to always make a healthy snack for the office. So lately I had decided to try Detox water, and I have to say I am addicted to it. Not a day goes by where I don't drink at least one bottle of detox water. I even got my very own, 'lock & lock' drinking bottle to make my detox water and drink it from there. It is quite simple really, you just add a lemon, a cucumber and some mint leaves. I used organic mint leaves, as they really made the water taste so much better. The results maybe totally psychological, but you know what, even if my brain is playing with me I am happy. My skin has become a lot softer and I feel more energized, due to the fact that I am flushing out all the bacteria. I am no doctor, but I can do some hefty research, and this is 100% approved health wise. 

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Nada Allam

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