The Capricorn man. The king of ambition, and determination. He's also down-to-earth, faithful, practical an over achiever with a stubborn and moody side to him. How to attract a Capricorn man? When it comes to love, he loves passion, a supportive partner and hates any sort of games. Let's get to know more about the Capricorn man and love...

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How to attract a Capricorn man: 

1. Trust is very important to Capricorn men. They are themselves faithful and so they want someone they can trust because it's hard for them to give second chances.

2. Having smart, serious and intellectual conversations is really important for a Capricorn man. It gets him closer to the person a lot easier. He's really not that into small talk and looks for real talk and being clear and transparent. 

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3. The Capricorn man needs a little patience because he can come off reserved at first and could take some time before expressing his feelings. So, time needs to given without worrying if he starts off distant.

4. He doesn't like games. Relationship mind games like jealousy and playing hard to get just don't work for him. He prefers things being clear. 

5. Capricorn men don't like being pressured, pushed or rushed. They need time to come into things their own way, when they're relaxed and ready. 

6. Career is essential for a Capricorn man they're really ambitious and driven, and so they like to see that in someone as well. 

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7. They're also attracted to independence, confidence and success. They love to see someone hardworking and serious about their future. 

8. Capricorns want someone they can rely on. Someone practical, supportive and potentially a good partner in life.

9. Capricorn men appreciate classic manners, elegance and maturity. The colors green, grey and black could be kept in mind as well. 

10. They also really don't like when someone makes fun of them or ridicules them, even if it's 'just a joke'. They have a great sense of humor, but don't like feeling embarrassed and are very self-conscious of people's opinions of them.

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