The Aries man. The king of energy, adventure and leadership. He's a determined, who's hard to argue with. It's hard for him to give up on something he wants, but he also does have an impatient side to him. How to attract an Aries man? When it comes to love, he's passionate, romantic, but can get a little controlling. Let's get to know more about what does an aries man look for in a woman...

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How to attract an Aries man: 

1. He loves a good long deep conversation with back and forth debating. He's good at it and wants someone to engage with him. 

2. Aries men also like confidence and intelligence in women. He really admires someone who shows self love with confidence and strength. 

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3. Words and reassurance are important to his feelings. He likes when appreciation is said and shown, especially when he's putting in an effort.

4. He also likes his space and independence and will be overjoyed when his partner understands that and trusts him.

5. The Aries man loves flirtation. He really likes when someone uses words and body language to flirt and show their interest and attraction to him. 

6. He doesn't like fakeness, pretense, rudeness or dishonestly. So he will definitely appreciate someone who keeps real, kind and honest. 

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7. Things need to stay exciting an interesting for an Aries man. He doesn't do well with boredom and wants a partner that is on his level when it comes for activity and adventure. 

8. When it comes to dates an Aries man will respond well to great food and spontaneity. He would love last minute adventure and exciting turns. 

9. Aries men love femininity, in clothes and even scents. They're attracted to dresses, skirts and anything that's a classic look of femininity. 

10. They also love someone who's funny and can make them laugh. They love to be amused and excited. 

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